Hail Dionysus Thong

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"All hail slain and risen god!
All hail Dionysus!"
-Behemoth, Daimonos.

This sleek high waisted thong is super soft and silky feeling, is just the right amount of stretchy to accommodate and accentuate your body, and it's a fantastic way to celebrate the god of debauchery.

Screen printed with water-based ink and then heat set.

(Hand wash only.)


Small 37-38 inches
Medium 39-40 inches
Large 41.5- 44.75 in.
XL 45.75 inches

This design was inspired by a fellow artist who always shouts at parties and concerts "HAIL DIONYSUS!" at least once every time (Dionysus being the greek god of wine, harvest, ritual madness, and debauchery in general). Several of my friends have studied World Mythology so we know him fondly that way as well because he's a part of several great greek myths.

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