Hail Dionysus Bandana


"All hail slain and risen god!
All hail Dionysus!"
-Behemoth, Daimonos.

This bandana is hand printed with white screen printing ink on 100% cotton fabric, it has been heat sealed so you can wash it with no worries of the design washing off. It measures about 20 x 20 inches and looks great worn several different ways.

The design is printed twice on the bandana in the same direction so that when worn on your head it can be easily pulled down over your face and the other side will show the design (right-side up) without needing to be retied.


Inspired by a fellow artist who always shouts at parties and concerts "HAIL DIONYSUS!" at least once every time (Dionysus being the greek god of wine, harvest, ritual madness, and debauchery in general). He and several of my friends had studied World Mythology as well so we know the god fondly as he's a part of several great greek myths.

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